Project Description

High Strength Repair #135,135F

High Strength Repair Mortar No.135 / 135 F  consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, fine aggregate, silica fume, admixtures and cellulose fiber only in No.135 F. The mortar will be fast setting and have high strength and little or no plastic shrinkage. An air-entraining agent is included in this product to give improved resistance to freezing and thawing. Typical uses include vertical and overhead applications to bridges, piers, beams, tunnels, parking structures, water tanks and sewage treatment facilities, pulp and paper process areas, petrochemical process areas, dams and marine structures.  High Strength Repair Mortar No.135 / 135F is non-toxic and contains no chloride that is harmful to reinforced steel.

APPLICATION 3.54.5 litres per 25 kg/.bag

COVERAGE 2 sq.m. per 25 kg. bag at 10 mm. thickness.

PACKAGE 25 kg. / bag