Project Description


High Strength Topping Mortar No.236/ 236-S/ 236-SF     consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, fine aggregate and admixtures. The mortar will have high strength and little or no plastic shrinkage. An air-entraining agent is included in this product to give improved resistance to freezing and thawing. Typical uses include horizontal roads applications to parking floor, road surface, and  factory floor. High Strength Topping Mortar is non-toxic and contains no chloride that is harmful to reinforced steel.

No.236 –S contains polymer filler to improve high  Compressive  bonding without using any primer and can be applied steel trowel finishing. No.236 –SF   has cellulose fibers to reinforce, reduce shrinkage cracks and temperature changed cracks.

APPLICATION   Mix  clean  water and  Topping  Mortar (3.75-4.25 litres  per  25 kg. bag)

COVERAGE        Approximate 3 sq.m. /  25  kilograms (thickness  5  cm.)

PACKAGE           25 kg. / bag