Project Description

SC 100 WF

SC 100 WF consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, aggregates and chemical admixtures.  The product is designed to be used as original or repair concrete in situations requiring a high-quality concrete with a maximum aggregate size of 10mm (3/8 inch).  It may be mixed to any consistency from stiff plastic to flowing.  An air-entraining agent is incorporated in the dry product to produce a concrete having good resistance to freezing and thawing.  Shrinkage compensating agents are included to minimize plastic shrinkage.  SC 100 WF is suitable for use in areas requiring high sulphate-resistance.

Compressive Strength        400 Ksc.   28 Day ( Cylinder.)

APPLICATION                   2.5 -3 litres  per  25 kg. bag

PACKAGE                           25 kg. / bag